2022 State Competition / V3 Expo Update

4/23/22 UPDATE
“The Tennessee Christian Education Board is excited to hold the state CTS Competition at Welch College on April 29 and 30. Our original plan was to return to a completely normal schedule, requiring all competitors to be in attendance whether or not they had competition. However, we have heard from numerous families who do not have competition, requesting that we reconsider passing all non-competing entries directly to the National without requiring them to be in attendance.
In light of the unusual circumstances of the past two years, rising travel costs, and exorbitant fuel prices, we have decided to make attendance optional for entries that do not have competition. This is a one-year policy change that may not apply going forward. Hopefully, your students can have opportunities to demonstrate and perform in children’s church and maybe before an adult class or the whole congregation to help them prepare for the national competition. Preparation breeds confidence and confidence helps underscore excellence.
Thank you for allowing them to prepare and compete.”

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