2015 State Competition

The 2015 Tennessee State Competition was held Friday, April 24, and Saturday, April 25, at Welch College, Nashville, Tennessee. The following is a list of competitors who will advance to the National Youth Competition, July 18-22, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Watch a highlights video.
Winners – 2015 Tennessee State Competition
Bible Competition
(Note: In Bible competition, both 1st and 2nd place contestants are eligible to compete at the national level. National competition will take place July 18-22, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Visit www.fwbnyc.com for more information.
Individual Memorization
Grade 1 – First Place, Lane Parker, Oakwood
Grade 1 – Second Place, Reagan Arrowood, Limestone
Grade 2 – First Place, Bradley Hudgens, Friendship
Grade 2 – Second Place, Chloe Stevanus, Bethel
Grade 3 – First Place, Cady Houske, Pleasant Hill
Grade 3 – Second Place, Emily Fritts, Limestone
Grade 5 – First Place, Caroline Watts, New Hope
Grade 5 – Second Place, Arissa Kovacs, Union Temple
Grade 8 Maggie Walker, Donelson
Grade 10 – First Place, Savannah Watts, New Hope
Grade 10 – Second Place, Jacob Houske, Pleasant Hill
Grade 12 McKenzie Graybill, First Dickson
Group Memorization
Grade 1 Reagan and Will, Limestone
Grade 10 NHY Memorization Duo, New Hope
Sword Drill
Grade 5 Emily Roach, Limestone
Bible Millionaire
First Place – Limestone: Tara Kilgore, Emily Roach, Drew Neas,Andrew Monk
Second Place – First Newport:Karlie Souder, Gracie Mathis, Madaya Lane
Bible Tic-Tac-Toe
Limestone: Matthew Fritts and Jeremiah Fritts
Bible Bowl
First Place – Bethel: Victoria Thomsen, Jake Gates
Second Place – First Newport: Cassie Holt, Zack Gentry, Madison Hembree
Music & Drama
Note: In Music and Fine Arts competition, only the winning entry is eligible for national competition. If you are unable to compete, however, please contact the TNCE Board, so the second place finisher can compete instead.
Vocal Solos
B – Tara Kilgore, Limestone
Male Vocal Solos
C – Nicholas Shute, Bethel
D – Noah Shute, Bethel
Female Vocal Solos
C – Anna Pinson, Sylvan Park
D – Raygan Sellers, New Hope
Vocal Duets
A – Union Temple Duet, Union Temple
C – Anna and Matthew Pinson, Sylvan Park
D – NHY Duet, New Hope
Vocal Trios
D – NHY Trio, New Hope
Vocal Quartets
C – Union Temple Ensemble, Union Temple
Vocal Ensemble
D – Union Temple Ensemble,Union Temple
Bowed Strings Solo
D – Raygan Sellers, New Hope
Plucked Strings Solo
D – Jacob Houske, Pleasant Hill
Keyboard Solo
A – Gracie Monk, Limestone
B – Abigail McAffee, Sylvan Park
C – Anna Pinson, Sylvan Park
D – Jake Gates, Bethel
Individual Sign Language
A – Emily Fritts, Limestone
B – Emily Roach, Limestone
C – Bethany Milling, Harper Road
D – Savannah Watts, New Hope
Group Sign Language
C – Hands of Hope New Hope
D – NHY Signing Duo, New Hope
Human Video
C – Human Video, Limestone
D – Human Video, Union Temple
Individual Drama
C – Kylah Kivette, 180 Church
D – Kinsley Kivette, 180 Church
Dramatic Duo
A – Chet & Ty, Donelson
C – Maggie & Libby, Donelson
D – NHY Duo, New Hope
C – Group Drama, Limestone
D – Group Drama, First Newport
Recorded Puppets
A – Hands for the Master’s Use, Shady Grove
B – Hands for the Master’s Use, Shady Grove
D – First Newport, First Newport
Creative Arts 
D – Erika Kirkpatrick, Shady Grove
B – Paige King, Oakwood
D – Erika Kirkpatrick, Shady Grove
Mixed Media
B – Lauren Fawbush, Shady Grove
Computer Graphics
B – Alison Parker, Union Temple
D – Jacob Hughes, Union Temple
Single Photo
A – Eli Neas, Limestone
B – Drew Neas, Limestone
C – Shyanne Robinson, Pleasant Hill
D – Victoria Thomsen, Bethel
Photo Essay
A – Ty Walker, Donelson
B – Carleigh Houske, Pleasant Hill
A – Ty Walker, Donelson
B – Lauren Fawbush, Shady Grove
C – Madelin Miser, Union Temple
A – Madison Jones, Shady Grove
Molded Clay
A – Ellie Smith, Shady Grove
Sculpted Clay C – Truman White, New Hope
Conceptual Art
A – Chet Walker, Donelson
B – Lauren Fawbush, Shady Grove
National Entries 
C – Matthew Pinson, Sylvan Park
D – Jake Gates Bethel
Creative Writing, Devotion
D – Emily Elkins, Wooddale
Creative Writing, Interview
D – Emily Elkins, Wooddale
Creative Writing, Devotion
C – Jackson Houske, Pleasant Hill
Exhibition Events
C – Jackson Watts, New Hope
New Ministry Idea
C – Stephani & Maddie, Shady Grove

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